Rewarding and Recognizing Employees

Posted by Rhonda Reedy/ October 11, 2018

A job well done, a goal accomplished, a milestone reached, sales record, years of service, volunteer appreciation, donor recognition… The reasons behind rewarding and recognizing people within your company or organization are as varied as the awards themselves. However, the reason behind the act of the recognition remains the same- to show the recipient they are appreciated and valued.

According to this Inc article, Employees consistently list appreciation and recognition of their hard work as one of their Top 5 desires. Gallup analysis found that employees who receive praise for doing good work perform better. It seems pretty common sense, but it is often overlooked or not considered a priority.

Customized awards are an effective way for companies to attract and keep talent as well as to encourage employees to continue putting their best efforts forward. According to the Gallup analysis referenced above, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they will quit in the next year.

When asked about what made recognition the most memorable, one of the top answers was public recognition or acknowledgement with an award, certificate or commendation. This shows us that people want to feel important and appreciated.

The same can be said about recognizing volunteers for your group or organization. Because volunteers give so freely of their time and are often key to an organizations function, acknowledging their contributions is vital. This can be as simple as “Volunteer of the Month” recognition, a plaque or volunteer wall.

Donor walls are popular and affordable ways to recognize those that contribute to your organization or cause. Small paperweight type awards are also popular to show appreciation for donations.

Let us help you design a recognition program or yearly awards that will align with your needs, company culture and budget that will also achieve your reward and recognition goals.

Awards can range from framed certificates, custom paperweights or wall plaques up to custom crystal awards, grandfather clocks (great for years of service awards), beautiful art glass awards or even awards where we embed your product or a reproduction of your equipment inside to make it truly unique.

Disconnect to Re-connect Posted by Tara Byrne/ September 25, 2018

Sometimes, I forget how powerful cell phones can be, and that’s probably because I’ve rarely been without mine. I recently read a New York Times article on how to not let your phone ruin your vacation and it reminded me how much we let our phones consume us. I will be the first to admit that I would most likely spend a bit of my vacation posting Instagram pictures of the beach and checking snapchat to see what my friends at home are up to. Most of the time, phones are extremely helpful tools…if I’m being honest, I laugh at the thought of using a road map to get from point A to point B. Phones allow us to stay connected to friends and family or check in on work when we’re not there, but they also have a tendency to take us away from what’s happening around us. They make it easier to pay attention to the GPS than the road that we’re driving on, or we focus our attention on emails from co-workers more than the ones we’re in a meeting with. Below are a few tips that help me disconnect from my phone and reconnect with what is happening around me.
Do Not Disturb

The first thing I do before walking into work or class is put my phone on do not disturb. This helps me focus my attention on the tasks I need to complete with no distractions from my phone buzzing.
Turn Off Notifications

If you can, turn off the notifications on the apps that consume the most of your attention. For me, it was turning off the notifications on my school email for the summer and getting back to them only when I took the time to check my email. This removed the sense of urgency I felt when I saw a notification pop up on my screen.
Leave it Behind

I find it refreshing to “forget” my phone sometimes. It can be as easy as leaving it in the car while you run into the grocery store or a different room while you’re at the dinner table. My favorite place to be phone-free is the gym. Just an hour without my phone in my hand helps me focus my energy on a good workout and re-focus after.

Next time you’re feeling distracted or overwhelmed, try removing your phone from the equation and shift your attention to who and what is most important!

Sell Today, Build Tomorrow

Imagination is a powerful thing. But sometimes, it’s not enough.

Take, for example, a real estate developer who’s trying to presell condos before they’re built. He can show prospective buyers the flat renderings and ask them to imagine themselves inside or to picture the view from the fifth story windows. But does it work? Not usually.


Five Keys to Effective Branding

Branding is one of the most critical aspects of any company, no matter its size. Your brand is your company’s promise – it lets your customers know what’s different about your company and what they can expect from you. With effective, consistent branding, you’ll add value to your products or services and turn customers into loyal brand advocates. 


Market Your Small Business This Summer

It’s finally summer time – the season that brings the community outdoors for local festivals, baseball games and neighborhood events. But as relaxing as these events can be, they aren’t just fun and games. They’re also a prime opportunity to grow your business.