Say Thanks with a Meaningful Holiday Gift

The holiday season is the perfect time to say thanks to all the clients and customers who have supported you over the past year. With a quality gift, you can create valuable opportunities for future sales.

An authentic thank you is one of the most meaningful ways to build committed relationships and humanize your brand. Here are some ideas to help you build an end-of-year gift strategy that will delight customers and vendors and show meaningful appreciation.

Provide a personal touch
Don’t just send the same gift to every customer. Instead, choose customized gifts that relate to your clients’ personal life. For example, consider a personalized first Christmas ornament for a client with a new baby or a holiday donation to a breast cancer fund for a customer who recently lost a loved one to the disease.

Your clients will appreciate the care that went into their gift, creating an emotional connection that’s worth the extra effort. Include a handwritten note with each gift. This personal touch won’t go unnoticed.

Give gifts of real value
It’s worth it to spend more on fewer, higher quality gifts than to send out hundreds of holiday widgets. Good options include technology products, luxury gift baskets or well-made office products.

Gifts that are well designed and built-to-last will be used for years to come, creating long-term dividends. More importantly, your clients will be grateful for the thoughtful recognition.

For a wider array of customers, consider offering a customer appreciation day with deep discounts or free shipping. This simple touch communicates your gratitude and makes customers feel appreciated.

Throw a networking party
One of the most meaningful ways to show gratitude to clients and vendors is to help them make valuable connections. And there’s no better way to do this than to throw a holiday party that will allow them to network with each other. This event will do double duty by offering everyone a great time and fun event, but also giving them a chance to build relationships of long-term value.

Order a Meaningful Holiday Gift
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