Developing a Customer-Centered Marketing Strategy

With the rise of the Internet and social media, consumers don’t rely on companies to tell them what they need to know. Now, they’re empowered to find information for themselves, share opinions with a global audience and make their own decisions.

They can even avoid marketing, if they choose. In order to be successful in today’s climate, companies have to take a new approach: customer-centered marketing. It’s a new game with new rules, but the potential reward is great.

Interview customers
For a successful customer-centered marketing plan, you need to find out what the customer wants. The best way to do this is to conduct customer interviews. Break up customers into segments, such as happy customers and disgruntled customers. Examine different-sized companies and various demographic clusters.

As time goes on, trends will emerge that will help you piece together an effective strategy for each group.

Customer experience comes first
Before anything else, focus on how your customers are treated when they interact with your company. Consumers know better than to trust your marketing messages. Instead, they’ll ask each other. And in today’s socially connected world, you can’t afford to have negative opinions going viral.

So invest in customer experience. Offer fun surprises and perks. Use secret shoppers. Call your own number. Create the best customer experience you possibly can. Your customers will notice, and they’ll tell others.

 Connect with personas
While it would be nice to personally connect with each individual customer, it’s not always possible. But you can group customers by persona –business leaders, tech developers, teachers, etc. – and develop unique content that adds personal appeal for each specific unit.

Focus on current customers
It’s easy to throw yourself into attracting new business, but remember: the customers you currently have are far more valuable than the ones you dream about. The more time and attention you invest in current customers, the better you’ll understand them, which not only encourages their continued loyalty, but can also help you reach their community.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions
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