Five Tips for Creating an Outstanding Banner

If you think a vinyl banner is a mundane marketing method, think again. Banners can offer your business great brand recognition and can be used to expose products or services to your target audience. Some call it one of the most effective – and most affordable – marketing tactics.

It can be a very powerful tool if it’s carefully designed and implemented. You probably know the essentials of designing a sign – using bold colors, a call to action and investing in quality printing. But sticking to the basics won’t help you make an impact.

To take your sign game up a notch, try one of these tips:

1) Go vertical – Horizontal signs are everywhere, so why not go vertical? Vertical signs are displayed on a stand, making them eye-catching, easily transportable and sized perfectly for tradeshow booths or storefronts.

2) Simplify your design. – As a general rule of thumb, stick to one bold graphic and limit the text. Carefully construct your message so that all of the right words are on your sign and all of the wrong ones are not.

3) Support your community. – Create a logoed sign to express your support for a local high school team or community event. It’s a great way to draw attention to your business while sharing your commitment to your community.

4) Stick to brand standards. – It might be tempting to try a fun, playful new design on your banner, but resist the temptation. Your banner needs to remind people of your brand. If it’s not giving them the right visual cues, it will be distracting.

5) Make it versatile. – Your banner might look fantastic in your office, but consider what it might look like in another setting, such as outdoors, under fluorescent or dim lighting, or in an extremely large or small space. Examine your banner’s color, readability and font. Make sure your design choices work no matter where you choose to display your banner.

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