Why Your Office Dress Code Matters

What you wear to work matters – and not just to you. Studies show that office dress code not only impacts employees, but can also affect customer relationships and brand perception.

It’s important to select the right apparel. Here’s how your company’s dress code impacts three different groups:

Studies have shown that business casual attire can benefit companies by improving relationships between leadership and staff. A more casual dress code helps leaders appear more approachable, which can facilitate better communication and build rapport between bosses and their team.

On the other hand, formal business attire can also be an asset to companies by giving management a sense of authority and expertise. It may also appeal more to clients who are accustomed to professional dress.

Despite opinions to the contrary, studies have shown that business casual dress doesn’t hinder employee productivity. In fact, it can help employees get more done by improving their comfort.

Business casual dress can actually help businesses attract top young talent. Recent studies show that millennials strongly prefer casual attire at work and are more likely to join companies with a laid-back dress code.

When it comes to dress code, it’s critical to think about the message your employees’ uniforms send about your brand. Believe it or not, the color of your employees’ uniforms plays a huge part in shaping public perception. It’s important to choose carefully and make sure your uniforms are telling the right story about your company.

Consider these colors and their connotations:

  • Black (authority and expertise)
  • Green (growth and calm)
  • Silver (technology and intelligence)
  • Yellow (cheerfulness and warmth)
  • Blue (belonging and confidence)
  • Red (impact and excitement)

Ultimately, there are many rules you can use to determine the perfect dress code, but no single guideline applies to every business. What’s most important is to know your employees and customers. Learn what appeals to them, and use your insights to determine how you and your employees dress.

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