Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing can be difficult. With the fast pace of the digital age, things are changing all the time, making it hard for marketers to keep up. Of course, mistakes are inevitable here and there — but some are entirely avoidable.

Here are four of the most common errors in marketing, along with tips to help you avoid them:

1) Untended social media accounts. – No, you don’t need every social media platform. It’s far more effective to have a couple carefully tended accounts than a handful of deserted online assets.

Do your research to determine which accounts will help you engage your audience most effectively, then focus on those. That might mean you need to abandon a few of your assets, and that’s OK. Just be sure to remove them properly with a professional notice, in case consumers visit the account.

 2) Measuring data without analysis. – These days, it’s almost hard not to measure data. If you use Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter (to name a few), they’re automatically collecting data for you, in addition to what you may already be collecting independently.

But measurements mean nothing unless they’re followed by proper analysis, which requires time and skill. Invest in strong talent that can analyze and interpret data. They’ll be able to help you gain the insight you need to take your campaign to the next level.

3) Selling instead of nurturing. – Content programs can be a valuable tool, but only if they’re curated effectively. Too often, companies produce low-value content that focuses on sales, which can be a turn-off to consumers. It’s far more effective to create valuable content centered on customer interests, which helps build lasting relationships.

 4) Marketing on a wish and a prayer. – Some call it “spray and pray” – a marketing approach that involves mindlessly trying things and hoping they work. While experimentation is a smart strategy, rapidly throwing out content without thoughtful targeting is never a good idea. Before adding to your marketing mix, take time to segment your audience, know your numbers and test your strategy first.


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