Why Direct Mail is More Relevant Than Ever

Direct mail’s not dead. That may be hard to believe with the headlines touting the latest and greatest technology. Actually, direct mail can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you ever use – even more powerful than digital ads.

Direct mail still has an integral place in the advertising world, and here’s why:

Targeted Mailing Lists
One of the primary benefits of direct mail is the ability to target very specific audiences – consumers who need what your business offers, can afford it and have a history of using products or services like yours. Unlike other channels, direct mail allows you to easily and quickly create precise lists that deliver your message to the people you’re trying to reach. And because the lists are specifically targeted, you can frame unique messages for different audiences, from faithful customers to new prospects.

 Relationship Maintenance
Unlike digital channels, direct mail offers a personalized approach. Not only can you target customers with messages that are specifically relevant to them, you can address them by name and according to their specific interests – a powerful way to grab attention and make customers feel important and recognized.

This level of personal attention is more likely to result in purchase decisions and long-term relationships. And unlike other channels, direct mail is just as good at prospecting as it is at relationship building, making it a very versatile and powerful tool for engagement.

Increased Engagement
According to a recent study, direct mail ads grab customers’ attention for a longer period of time than digital ads. They also elicit a stronger emotional reaction and play a larger role in purchase decisions.

Though digital ads can be effective at catching eyes quickly, these researchers found that direct mail is more effective at generating purchase decisions and building long-term engagement – every business’ dream.


Exposure with Direct Mail
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