5 Essentials for Your Company Brochure

A good brochure is your company’s messenger. With an ability to travel to places you can’t reach and influence people you’ve never met, your brochure can be your most important marketing tool.

Needless to say, it’s essential to get it right.

To design a brochure that effectively carries your message and attracts the attention of potential customers, follow these tips:

1) Nail the basics – Start with the essentials: Basic company information, contact details, your logo and a tagline. Also include a front headline and a brief description of what your company offers. Throw in a few eye-catching images and you’ve laid the foundation for a strong brochure.

2) Simple + clear – When in doubt, simple over extravagant is the better move. Don’t load down your brochure with unnecessary information. Determine what your target audience needs to know, and say it succinctly and simply. To match your clear wording, choose a few compelling graphics and a streamlined design.

3) Make your headline pop – Your headline will likely determine whether your brochure is read or tossed. So make it shine! It might be the shortest sentence on your brochure, but it should receive the most attention. When crafting your headline, think about your target market. Their interests and needs should drive its content.

4) Call to action – While some readers may contact you on their own, most will need an extra push. That’s where your call to action comes in. Try including a special offer, free estimate or gift. This bonus often gives customers the motivation they need to take the next step.

5) Don’t skimp on paper – It’s tempting to save money by using a flimsy card stock, but a lightweight brochure can make your company look careless and unprofessional. While it doesn’t need to be as thick as cardboard, a firm brochure will carry your message with confidence and authority.

Get your message across
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