5 Essentials to Bring to your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are an irreplaceable learning opportunity. They provide the chance to discover new products, take advantage of show discounts and learn from industry experts and peers. But it’s important to be adequately prepared in order to make the most of your experience.

As you look ahead to your next trade show, be sure to bring these items so you can maximize your time and investment:

1) Action plan – Study the show schedule, map and exhibitor listings ahead of time. Plan out each day. Trade shows are busy, hectic places. If you aren’t careful, you’ll miss out on important things.

2) A large bag – One of the best parts of a trade show are the giveaways. Be sure you have a bag large (and comfortable) enough to accommodate everything. A bag with wheels can be a lifesaver, but check the show’s guidelines ahead of time to see if they have any restrictions.

3) Business cards – A trade show is a valuable opportunity to network with industry insiders. Bring more business cards than you think you’ll need, even if the trade show offers badge-scanning technology. The scanners don’t always work, so it’s nice to have something else on hand.

4) Notepad – Be sure you always have something to write on. While a tablet or phone can be convenient, an old-fashioned pen and paper is the trustiest route. Take lots of notes – even more than you think you’ll need. You never know what information will be valuable once you get back to the office.

5) Comfortable shoes and company apparel – Bring good walking shoes. You’ll be on your feet most of the day, and nothing ruins an experience like aching feet. And be sure to wear company clothing. The best brand ambassadors are employees who are proudly sporting organizational gear. Company apparel will also give your team a professional appearance and make everyone easier to spot in the crowd.

The Best Trade Show Products
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