4 Facts About Promotional Products that Prove ROI

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Promotional products are some of the most powerful, cost-effective marketing tools you’ll ever use. But it’s not enough to just say it. You need real numbers to back up these claims.

Whether you’re investigating them for yourself or trying to prove their worth to your boss, we’re happy to oblige.

These hard-hitting facts about promotional products underline their value and versatile power:

1) They’re kept and loved – Promotional products are not a throwaway gift. According to a recent study, 87% of respondents kept a promotional product for a year or more. Another study reported that 83% of respondents like receiving promotional products.

Of course, these items are more likely to be kept and enjoyed if they’re high quality and on-trend, such as a logoed Under Armour shirt – a well-known, well-respected brand.

2) They’re used frequently – Promotional products are not only kept; they’re put to good use.

According to one study, a promotional pen is used 3-4 times a day for its lifespan, and 50% of people who own logoed drink ware use it 2-3 times a week. Fifty-three percent of respondents in another study reported that they use a promotional product at least once a week or more.

3) Power for the advertiser – If your company uses promotional products, the payoffs are far reaching. A recent study shows that adding a promotional product to your media mix increases the effectiveness of your campaign by up to 44%.

Promotional products can also boost the overall reputation of your company. Almost 85% of consumers recall the advertiser on their promotional products. Also, 50% had a more favorable opinion of the company after receiving the item, according to one study.

4) Impressions upon impressions – Promotional products have the power to generate a remarkable number of impressions. According to one study, the top-five products with the most impressions are bags (5,772), hats (3,136), pens (2,805) and outerwear (2,650). These numbers only increase the more the items are used or worn in public.

 For more facts, check out these studies:



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