How to Make Your Last-Minute Order Work

You had big plans for an exciting promotional product campaign… but you forgot to place the order. The big day is right around the corner. What to do?  Well, there’s good news. There’s a chance you still have time. But rush orders can be tricky.

Before placing your order, make sure you’ve thought through each of these points:

Think First
Before rushing to place your order, take time to make sure you’re prepared. You’ll waste more time trying to figure it out over the phone than if you took a few minutes to plan ahead.

Make sure you’ve asked yourself these questions:

  • Do I know the product style, color and amount?
  • Is there imprint or decoration?
  • Have I secured approvals for artwork?
  • What is my ship-to address?
  • Can I pay for rush shipping?
  • What’s my latest possible in-hand date?

 Have a Backup
Some items take longer to produce than others. So while the embroidered promotional cap you wanted might not be available in time, a Rosewood wine set, for example, might be. Always be prepared with a second choice in case your first option isn’t feasible.

Check the Calendar
Weekends and holidays may impact your timeline. You may have carefully planned your rush order, but if you’re not factoring in those extra days, it could derail your plan.

“Don’t Give Up!”
At Proforma Business Impact our experienced associates can provide you 24-hour production on hundreds of on-trend items.  Don’t let a small time frame keep you from making a large impact.

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