What Your Logo Says about Your Business

We all know actions speak louder than words, but what about colors, fonts and shapes? You may preach value and quality, but your business card and brochure says “drab and dreary.” Your company logo says a lot about your company.

logo design proforma business impact south carolinaYour logo plays a powerful part in how your audience perceives your brand. It must be memorable (preferably in a good way). When designing your logo, take these aspects into consideration to make sure you’re sending the right message:


Color is perhaps the most important part of your logo design. According to a recent study, color is the primary motivator for 85% of purchase decisions. More importantly, each color has a distinct emotional connotation. For example, blue suggests security, honesty and strength, while red connotes energy, action and passion.

To be sure your color is making the right impact, study a color map, which will tell you what each color expresses. It’s usually best to stick to a single color. Multicolored logos work for some companies (eBay or NBC are good examples), but they give the impression that a company is multi-channel. If that’s not true of your business, it’s better to choose a single color.


The font you select sends an instant message about your company. That’s why it’s so important to begin the design process with a firm understanding of your brand’s personality and mission.

Once that’s settled, you can choose an effective font to tell your story. Is your brand classic and elegant? A simple, clean font will instantly send that impression to your audience. Is it lighthearted and playful? This is your chance to express that side of your brand and have some fun!

However, don’t go overboard. Even if your font is outside the box, it should still be clean and readable.


Much like colors, shapes also imply unique emotional meanings. If your brand is practical and balanced, a straight-edged shape would be a smart choice. If your business is relational and community-based, a circle is probably a better fit. Whichever you choose, be sure it aligns with your color scheme, font and most of all, your target message.

Your Logo is a Reflection of You

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