Four Commonly Asked Questions About Imprints

If you’ve ever selected a promotional product on which you’re unsure how your custom logo might appear, consider this the “Cliffs Notes” for imprinting. We’re here to answer your questions, clear the confusion and help make your next ordering process a cinch.

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Why does my logo look different on different products?

The appearance of an imprint depends on the texture of the promotional product on which it’s printed. An intricate logo will probably appear most clearly on a hard surface such as a notebook. Alternately, a softer surface, such as a tote, may cause some details to be lost.

Another reason imprints vary is due to the imprinting method that’s used. Each product uses a specific imprint method, such as screen printing, pad printing or full color imprints. Each yields a slightly different finished look.

What’s the purpose of an imprint area?

Every product has predetermined imprint area dimensions, based on what will make logos appear their best and the limitations of the process used. Printing machines are set to standard sizes and it isn’t possible to change the imprint dimensions. With thousands of items available, we can help you find another option if the imprint area is too small for your project.

Be sure to pay careful attention to these dimensions when selecting how much information you’d like to include on your product. If they’re on the small side, keep information to a minimum or the finished product could be very difficult to read.

Can the imprint area be moved?

Just like predetermined sizes, most products come with a designated location for the imprint area. While these locations are intended to make imprints look their best, in some cases multiple imprint areas are available.

Discuss your ideas with your Proforma Business Impact representative. He or she will help you determine the best option.

Can my imprint be any color I want?

Most imprint methods allow you to print nearly any color, though a dedicated PMS match may incur additional cost. Note: Bright colors make a logo really pop! Your Proforma Business Impact representative will help you decide which method will best display your colorful imprint.

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