Promotional Products That People Want but Won’t Buy Themselves

Whether it’s a pen, cooler or lanyard, promotional products are items most everyone uses. Since these items are frequently used, people buy many of them for themselves. Why not go to the extra mile? Give your customers a promotional product that they not only need and want, but probably haven’t bought.

Here are a few ideas:

Bag/Chip ClipScreen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.50.51 AM
This may seem like just a silly household item, until you try to secure a chip bag and can’t seem to find a clip anywhere. Let’s face it: everyone needs chip clips, but almost nobody thinks to buy them. Give these to your clients and prospects and they’ll remember you each time they reach for a snack.

                                      Insulated Tumblers
20866927When’s the last time you bought an insulated (double wall) tumbler? If you’re like most of us, probably never – and yet you probably have a few treasured ones in your cupboard. These are some of the most beloved souvenirs from special events, and they almost always manage to make their way home with the user.


Tote Bags22413010
Used to carry everything from library books to groceries, a favorite tote bag is an item people use but rarely buy. A tote bag makes the perfect promotional giveaway because it’s carried virtually everywhere, actively promoting your brand.


                                    USB Drives
7098079Flash drives are one of those essential items that people typically forget to pick up at the store, but use regularly. If your logo is on a USB, your customer or potential client will see if every time they insert it into a computer.




Make An Impact
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