Sell Today, Build Tomorrow

Imagination is a powerful thing. But sometimes, it’s not enough.

Take, for example, a real estate developer who’s trying to presell condos before they’re built. He can show prospective buyers the flat renderings and ask them to imagine themselves inside or to picture the view from the fifth story windows. But does it work? Not usually.

What if, instead, you could invite people to virtually walk inside a development – before it’s even built? What if they could see the spectacular view from the balcony with their own eyes – without actually being there?

That’s precisely the idea behind our partner Klokwerks’ digital rendering solutions, brought to you by Proforma Business Impact. This tool allows buyers to “step inside” an unfinished development via mobile app or touchscreen and experience it in 3D. Developers don’t have to ask potential buyers to imagine the final product; they can give them the opportunity to experience it for themselves in sharp, photorealistic detail.

Click below to watch Lino Hilario, Klokwerks vice president, explain what this technology can bring to businesses:

This digital tool isn’t limited to real estate. It can be used to showcase a variety of products and applications in virtually any industry. Imagine the implications this could have for your business…the ability to sell your product before it’s even produced, simply by harnessing the power of imagination.

To learn more about how this tool could be used to help your business, call us at 888-230-1448.