Rewarding and Recognizing Employees

Posted by Rhonda Reedy/ October 11, 2018

A job well done, a goal accomplished, a milestone reached, sales record, years of service, volunteer appreciation, donor recognition… The reasons behind rewarding and recognizing people within your company or organization are as varied as the awards themselves. However, the reason behind the act of the recognition remains the same- to show the recipient they are appreciated and valued.

According to this Inc article, Employees consistently list appreciation and recognition of their hard work as one of their Top 5 desires. Gallup analysis found that employees who receive praise for doing good work perform better. It seems pretty common sense, but it is often overlooked or not considered a priority.

Customized awards are an effective way for companies to attract and keep talent as well as to encourage employees to continue putting their best efforts forward. According to the Gallup analysis referenced above, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they will quit in the next year.

When asked about what made recognition the most memorable, one of the top answers was public recognition or acknowledgement with an award, certificate or commendation. This shows us that people want to feel important and appreciated.

The same can be said about recognizing volunteers for your group or organization. Because volunteers give so freely of their time and are often key to an organizations function, acknowledging their contributions is vital. This can be as simple as “Volunteer of the Month” recognition, a plaque or volunteer wall.

Donor walls are popular and affordable ways to recognize those that contribute to your organization or cause. Small paperweight type awards are also popular to show appreciation for donations.

Let us help you design a recognition program or yearly awards that will align with your needs, company culture and budget that will also achieve your reward and recognition goals.

Awards can range from framed certificates, custom paperweights or wall plaques up to custom crystal awards, grandfather clocks (great for years of service awards), beautiful art glass awards or even awards where we embed your product or a reproduction of your equipment inside to make it truly unique.